Eight Reason to Buy From Island Rose

  1. Quality is our priority.

  2. Philippine Cut Flower Corporation (PCFC) is the leading supplier of fresh roses in the Philippines. We grow our own roses in the most modern greenhouse facilities using the latest methods. We have an expert standard quality control department that makes certain that you get only the best harvests for the day. Check out PCFC facilities here.

  3. Our flowers are always fresh.

  4. The flowers are delivered straight from our own farm and packed by professionals using modern facilities. The roses will arrive to your recipient approximately 72 hours after harvest – always consistent, always beautiful.

  5. Our experience proves our commitment.

  6. We produce almost 2 million stems a year distributed among leading Filipino retailers and imported by traders in more than five countries. Through the Internet, we deliver anywhere between 100 to more than 1000 dozen a day depending on the occasion. This makes us one of the most experienced Internet service providers in any industry.

  7. We have a professional staff.

  8. We have courteous and professional staff handling your orders and e-mail. They will respond to your concerns immediately, without bias and in an honest straightforward manner. We leave no concern unattended and we won’t keep you hanging. We have utmost respect for your privacy. We never divulge or use order and contact information for any other gain outside its intended purpose. Most of all, we are committed to continuously improve our service as well as ourselves! Contact us today and see for yourself!

  9. Corporate Backing

  10. PCFC is the largest, single supplier of roses in the Philippines. It has been around for more than 20 years so you can be assured that all your orders and payment details are in good hands with a tangible corporation that you can trust. We have a reputation to protect and this works in your favor! Click here to know more about us.

  11. We are prepared for the worst.

  12. In dealing with highly perishable products, many things can go wrong. When you bring up a concern or complaint, we will always listen and resolve the issue as quick as possible. Our customer service staff are trained to respond to concerns and can decide on an appropriate course of action for you on the spot.

  13. Excellent Packaging

  14. We only use the best material in packing your roses to make sure that your recipient gets the best experience from the flowers you send. In every aspect of the packaging, the feel of quality is apparent and never left to chance. Check out our packaging now.

  15. Superior Logistics

  16. We work with only the best logistic companies in the world. We have excellent business relationships with leading delivery companies such as LBC, DHL, and Fedex (Air 21) to take care of our shipping needs. Whether we are delivering flowers 1 or 100,000 kilometers away, you can be sure that we hire professionals to take care of our products.