Corporate Distributor

The Island Rose Corporate Distributorship Program is meant for high volume sellers with their own payment gateway facilities. Through this program, you can sell Island Rose flowers online and we shall work in the background as your supplier. Island Rose shall provide you pictures and other website materials that you shall put in your site. We will take care of the assembly and delivery of the order. All orders shall be packed and shipped using original Island Rose materials. Your orders will be batched and billed to you every 15 days. Distributors under this program are subject for evaluation and negotiation so contact us today!

General Instructions:

1. Contact us at [email protected] and discuss your interest to apply for the program. We shall send you a buyer's registration form for you to fill up.

2. Your application will be evaluated by the Island Rose management for approval.

3. Once approved, Island Rose shall send you the necessary product information for elaborated discussion and for your site implementation.

4. A one-time processing fee of Php 1000.00 is required for this to process your documentation. This fee shall be reflected in your first billing statement.

Terms and Conditions:

1. An affiliate/affiliate company is only allowed to use one type of distributorship program. False treatment of this condition shall lead to the cancellation of your distributorship with Island Rose.

2. This program is open to firms with physical sales outlets and/or a working website pending for evaluation and approval by Island Rose. Please note that qualification is in the sole discretion of Island Rose officers and staff. Firms with illegal, distasteful and pornographic content as well as non-corporate web sites are not likely to qualify.

3. In order to facilitate the distributorship, a one-time processing fee of Php1000.00 shall be charged to you along with your first billing statement.

4. Island Rose shall provide the pictures and other website materials that you shall put up in your own site. These materials are property of Island Rose and are not allowed to be revised nor be retouched from its original form.

5. A minimum volume of 30 orders per month is required. The management shall regularly monitor and evaluate your sales performance to decide if your distributorship privileges could be maintained.

6. All orders shall be wrapped and packed using original special Island Rose materials. This shall add credibility to your company and assurance that you are distributing superior products.

7. During floral peak seasons (Valentine's Day and Mother's Day), we require additional manpower and overhead to meet the huge demand, thus we have to adjust our prices accordingly. Island Rose shall notify you at least two (2) months before the season so you can plan your marketing strategies ahead of time.

8. Our list of deliverable areas is regularly updated by our courier services. Thus, all orders shall be verified before confirmation of order.

I have read and agreed to the terms and conditions set by Island Rose.

Yes, I Agree.

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