Why Choose Roses?


September 2, 2020

Why should you choose roses?

  1. It is the most meaningful flower
  2. Comes in a variety of designs
  3. Gives off a lovely fragrance
  4. Complements classic gifts
  5. Brightens up any space

When you think of roses, there’s no doubt that “romance” is one of the few words that come to mind. These beautiful flowers have been associated with love, desire, and passion for a number of years. They have also been used as part of Valentine’s Day celebrations all throughout the world. But a lingering question finds itself buried across these timeless traditions: “Why choose roses?”

Surely any kind of flower will do? But there’s just simply nothing like a freshly-picked stem of rose to make anyone’s day. Whether you want to impress your partner or simply celebrate by yourself, there’s no mistaking that a rose should be part of the occasion.

It Is The Most Meaningful Flower

A man surprising his partner with a red rose

Let’s say you’re trying to come up with the best present to give to someone. You’ll have several considerations and it’s likely that you’ll on two factors: the price and the item itself. You wouldn’t want to give someone a thoughtless object that’s easily forgettable. On the other hand, spending extravagantly on a one-time gift may not necessarily be practical on your end.

Gift-giving is all about finding the right balance, and there’s no better way for you to achieve this than by choosing roses. They’re affordable, yet beautiful — what else would you want out of a gift?

The next time you’re thinking about a present for any loved one, try checking out this striking collection of cream pink roses from Island Rose. Priced at just under Php 1,500 pesos, gifting someone this beautiful bunch of freshly-picked roses from European orchards may just be the best decision you’ll ever make.

Comes In A Wide Variety Of Designs

Bouquets of roses in different colors

Roses don’t simply come in the traditional red color that you’ve come to know. In fact, there are many different types of roses, making this flower one of the most flexible gift options out there. Each stem is burrowed with rich meanings that can define the tone of any event.

Aside from red roses, there also exist colors like white, lavender, orange, and even pink. You may already be familiar with white roses — they make for a simple gesture of honoring or paying homage to someone. On the other hand, the more vibrant colors like lavender, orange, and pink can easily bring about an air of enchantment to any kind of space. Anyone would be delighted to receive fresh bouquets of these bright-colored roses.

Island Rose has just the right thing to liven up the classic bouquet. Our selection of pink and red roses give the Berry Bouquet an uncanny combination that you won’t find anywhere else. Each long-stemmed flower is carefully arranged to create the perfect rose-colored gift.

Gives Off A Lovely Fragrance

A woman smelling a red rose

Roses also give off a distinctive fragrance that most flowers don’t exhibit. Who knew that such a humble stem of rose can create one of the most beautiful aromas on Earth?

There are many factors that are associated with providing a rose with its unmistakable floral scent. For example, the many different blooming stages of a rose can each give off a scent that is distinct from the last one. More than that, the color of the rose also produces a spectrum of scents. Roses that are darker or more velvety in appearance can produce a richer and fuller aroma. Lightly-colored roses, on the other hand, can result in fruitier and citrus-like smells that are refreshing to the senses.

If you want to retain the fragrance of any rose, make sure that you follow the proper care techniques. Cut roses can last for even longer than a week — just simply place them inside a cool, clean vase with adequate lukewarm water to prolong its shelf life.

Complements Classic Gifts

Secret Admirer Gift Set from Island Rose

Roses are already great on their own. Anyone, whether it be your lover, a family member, or simply a friend, would find rose-gifting a welcome gesture. However, if you’re the kind of person who prefers subverting expectations, then you’ll also welcome the idea that roses make for the perfect complements to any classic gift.

Roses can also go along with a simple box of chocolates of your choice — a classic Valentine tradition. Likewise, even on just an ordinary day, a simple present of roses and a stuffed miniature teddy bear can make anyone smile. This chic combination of white and red roses from Island Rose is accompanied by a cute teddy bear holding a stitched rose of its own. There’s no perfect opportunity to express your feelings than with this unique Secret Admirer gift set.

Brightens Up Any Space

Calima Roses From Island Rose

If you don’t have someone in your life to give roses to, then don’t lose hope. In fact, a rose might just be what you need as a lovely and hopeful reminder of great things that will come your way. Whether you’re planning to have them as part of your bedroom decorations or as a colorful centerpiece for your dining room table, roses are the perfect choice.

Even just a single stem can brighten up a once-gloomy space. Its versatile design brings a touch of life wherever you may place it. Combine your roses with other beautiful flowers of your choice to create a memorable floral arrangement for your home.

Key Takeaway

If you find yourself wondering why you should choose roses, then this article has hopefully cleared things up for you. After all, no other flower is able to convey a broad range of ideas and meanings than a simple rose is able to. With its many colors — lavender, light pink, white, red, and more — you’ll never be short of coming up with a present to give your loved one or even just yourself.

Looking for the perfect rose? Check out Island Rose’s wide collection of Classic Bouquets that can make any occasion more meaningful and worthwhile.