Valentines Will Always Be About Roses

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February 5, 2010

Roses and Valentines are two things that have long been associated with love, affection, passion, red, hearts, dinners, and of course money. Seriously speaking, have you (like me) ever wondered why every the “red letter day” of the year cue roses in? Sure, there are thousands of other more original, stunning, and beautiful gifts in the market but roses just seem to win over this battle year after year.

Roses are big talkers and have long symbolized love and passion. Valentines day seem to put pressure on couples with undefined relationships. With a hazy status quo, how do you approach gift giving? Roses of different colors, count, and combinations should give you a good grasp on how to define subtly your relationship this sticky time of the year. Below is a list of that you can take in reference to this coming Valentines day:

By color:

Red Roses – defines love, passion, and respect

Pink Roses – communicates happiness, appreciation, admiration, friendship, and sympathy

Dark Pink Roses – say “thank you”

Light Pink Roses – displays grace, joy, gentility and admiration

White Roses – signify purity, innocence, humility, charm, and silence

Peach Roses – connotes modesty

Coral Roses – implies desire

Yellow Roses – defines caring, gladness, freedom, joy, and friendship

Orange Roses – shows the feeling of fascination, desire, and enthusiasm

Lavender Rose – symbolizes enchantment and love at first sight

By count:

One rose says “I still love you” while a dozen says “thank you very much.” Your partner will not only blush but be also floored upon receipt of fifty roses as this translates to unconditional love.

By combination:

A mix of red and white roses symbolizes unity. A generous yellow and orange rose mix sends passionate thoughts. I find saying “congratulations” rather weird on Valentines Day therefore please skip having a red and yellow rose mix arranged.

While Valentines Day has always been about roses, this should not restrict you from giving just these alone. Chocolates have always complemented roses nicely but recent trends show that jewelry such as rings, pendants, and brooches have been catching up. Fictional novels are always lovely to curl up to at night and so is an MP3 player that has all of your woman’s favorite love songs. Whatever your relationship is or whatever stage you are already on, just do make sure that you will not let this red-letter day pass without presenting roses.


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