5 Advantages Of Using Local Flower Delivery Services


August 17, 2020

What are the advantages of using local flower delivery services?

  1. Freshly-picked products
  2. Convenient
  3. Variety of choices
  4. Same-day delivery
  5. Brightens up any space

There’s no better way to express your love and appreciation for someone than by giving them a fresh bouquet of fragrant roses. People are so used to visiting their local brick-and-mortar flower shop just to find the perfect bouquet to give their loved one. However, the flowers don’t always end up reaching the person in pristine condition — especially if they don’t particularly know how to take care of them. Luckily for you, you’ll never have to experience giving withered flowers in your lifetime as local flower delivery services like Island Rose are here to help you out.

Many flower delivery services subcontract from local suppliers or outsource from flower shops. At Island Rose, we have no middleman. Our customers can deal directly with the supplier. Our team consists of dedicated professionals who are also the most knowledgeable about all types of flowers.

Freshly-Picked Products

A pink rose about to be freshly picked

All Island Rose flowers have been imported from only the most beautiful orchards in Europe. They’re grown in a sustainable greenhouse farm and are picked once they’re at their budding stage to ensure they fully bloom at just the right moment.

Red roses are definitely the most popular among Filipinos, but you could also choose from a variety of freshly-picked pink, white, orange, and lavender-colored, long-stemmed roses for your enjoyment. Each bouquet has been subject only to the strictest quality standards, making sure that no wilted flower is included during the arrangement process.

Flowers are sensitive fresh goods that need to be delivered as soon as they are harvested so that they can be enjoyed longer at home. Imported flowers or flowers that are not delivered straight from the farm need to pass through several stages that can affect its freshness.


A man ordering flowers for delivery online

Convenience is right around the corner once you let Island Rose do the delivery for you. Our online flower delivery services can easily be accessed in the comfort of your laptop or smartphone. You won’t even need to visit any physical store yourself.

Simply click on the type of product you want and you’ll easily be able to schedule a date of delivery. Guaranteed that each product that you purchase will be sturdily-packed in Island Rose’s signature packaging to avoid damage. This ensures that the flowers still retain their freshness once they arrive at your doorstep.

You can also include your very own personalized message as you’re ordering. Come up with a unique greeting card featuring a message that your loved one will surely be moved to tears by. Just type in what you want to say and the rest is already done for you.

Variety of Choices

A bouquet of red roses with a box of chocolates

Island Rose offers a variety of not only farm-fresh roses but other products to truly make flower-giving a much sweeter gesture. Our assortment of rich chocolate, accessories, and fluffy teddy bears make the perfect accompaniment for a beautiful bouquet.

You could make someone else’s day by gifting them this Island Rose classic. Precious Love consists of a box of red and white roses featuring a necklace with a heart-shaped pendant.

Want to make your gift even sweeter? Our Sweet Fantasy bundle comes with a bouquet of farm-fresh red roses paired with a box of classic truffles and praline chocolates. The roses are wrapped in our special packaging and it even comes with a personalized greeting card. On the other hand, the C Collection Bruges Belgian Chocolates are rich, quality chocolates guaranteed to make your loved one smile.

Not everyone really knows how to be a romantic, so if you find yourself in a stump, just check out this useful Gifting Guide to help you out. Find the right gift for a friend’s birthday, for a lover, or for a simple thank you. Each set of gifts is enough to get your message of love and affection across.

Same-Day Delivery

A woman surprised with a rose bouquet

When you’re anticipating your partner’s anniversary, it’s important that you get the date absolutely right. It’s far too common for partners to miss anniversaries or mistake it for another day.

If you live in Metro Manila, including flower delivery services while you’re planning a special occasion might just be your best bet. The availability of same-day delivery services sees to it that you don’t miss out on an important celebration. You don’t even need to plan too far ahead! Simply set the date a day apart. Whether you’re buying a large bulk of roses or only a small bunch, the flowers will get to the right destination in no time at all.

All Island Rose products are great for last-minute options, particularly for those with busy schedules. For example, if you can’t be there for someone on a special day, a fresh rose is enough to turn around their fortunes.

Brightens Up Any Space

A flower bouquet in a vase

You don’t need to be in a relationship to make use of flower delivery services. Sometimes you just need to give yourself a bouquet of flowers to brighten up your living space.

If you love decorating flowers in your home, check out vibrant arrangements like the Pastel. This meticulously-arranged bouquet can bring a splash of life to any room you place it in. It features white and peach pastel-colored roses which are relaxing to admire — perfect for a quiet afternoon.

Key Takeaway

In choosing local flower delivery services, Island Rose is the best way to go. We offer convenient methods of flower delivery, allowing the flower to be transported just before it fully blooms. Quality is present in every stage of the delivery process — from the picking, arrangement, and finally to the transport stage. More than that, a wide array of assortments and selections also make the perfect complement for our bouquets. Choose from chocolates, trinkets, teddy bears, and more. Take this chance and make a loved one happy today!