It’s Our Summer Harvest Sale!



May 15, 2019

Summer brings an abundance of flowers to the Philippines – despite the hot, hot heat.  For as long as you take extra care of those beauties, they will give you a bountiful flowering harvest because flowers LOVE the sun – sun worshippers just like us!

Now that summer is almost over, we’re here to end it with a bang with our SUMMER HARVEST SALE!  Call it a summer harvest festival of sorts.  We’re having a celebration at our farm and we’d like to share some of the joy with you by offering you an EPIC 30% DISCOUNT on ALL ITEMS!  (We know… chocolates and other gifts don’t grow in our greenhouses but we’re throwing them in the sale anyway, just for kicks.)

Make sure you join in the FLORAL FUN!  Get SHOPPING, start GIFTING, and send SMILES NATIONWIDE!

WOOHOO! This Way >>