Say it with Blooms



August 21, 2014

Check out Island Rose on the August issue of Working Mom Magazine!

Be captured by the beauty of flowers only from the Philippine’s leading online flower and gift delivery service, Island Rose. Our fresh flowers are harvested every day from our farm located at Tagaytay City. Experience the most unique online florist in the country – Send fresh flowers direct from our farm delivered in any destination of your choice in the Philippines!

Featuring a wide collection of our French and Dutch Roses:

Salsa (orange roses) - The Salsa rose variety possesses a vibrant orange color that resembles the blazing sunset sky. The vivid tone of this orange rose expresses intense emotions, perfect to convey strong feelings of desire and admiration. Salsa roses have unusually large blooms and almost thorn-free long stems.

Aqua Baby (light pink roses) - Flaunting delicate pink color, a bunch of Aqua Baby roses never fail to impress the ladies. Its pale baby pink shade conveys gentleness and admiration. The thornless Aqua Baby rose is the ideal any-occasion gift.

Cool Water (lavender roses) - Especially bred for designer brand Zino Davidoff, the Coolwater rose possesses a subtle lavender color. This light purple rose is quite rare and exclusively grown in selected farms worldwide. A dozen of Coolwater lavender roses conveys a number of messages, including enchantment and elegance.

Red France (red roses) - Blessed with a vibrant, scarlet color, the Red France rose variety is the perfect red rose to say “I Love You”. Each bloom of these red roses usually measures between 8 – 12.5 cm wide, with long, straight stem that grows as tall as 1.3 m. A bunch of these bright red roses are ideal to convey the deepest feeling of affection.

Pastel (white and peach roses) - Subtle shades of white and peach roses make up the Pastel flower arrangement. The hues of this light rose bouquet conveys happiness and serenity, an ideal floral gift to someone dear.

Roses-say-it-with-blooms-island-roseBe dazzled with our new collection of Spring Flowers:

Sunburst (mums, gerbera and snap dragon flowers) - A combination of subtle white mums and bright yellow spring flowers makes up the Sunburst flower bouquet. The alluring colors in this vibrant bouquet expresses joyfulness and perfection – an excellent choice to brighten up someone’s day. The Sunburst flower arrangement is made up of three yellow single mums, four yellow gerberas, two white small mums and three yellow snap dragons.

White Dazzle (rose, chrysanthemum and daisy flowers) - A colorful array of flowers including white roses, chrysanthemums and daisies make up the White Dazzle flower arrangement. This beautifully arranged flower bouquet never fails to impress, a perfect floral gift to put a smile on that someone special.

Roses-say-it-with-blooms-island-rose-philippinesPhotographed by PAOLO VALENZUELA | Prop styling by NINI D. FALCON | Floral arrangements by MELCHOR TELAN of Island Rose | Text by LEAN NEMIL-SAN JOSE | Flowers provided by Island Rose