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Hey Mom, Where’s Your Squad?

So here’s the thing. When you’re single and dependent-free, your life can revolve around anything from the latest fashion trends to the latest movies to ‘where is happy hour?’ (on Tuesday at 2 in the afternoon). Once you produce those little screaming things called children, however, all that you considered vital suddenly becomes moot.

You find yourself hanging out more and more with other parents in the same boat as you. You need them. You call them at all hours of the day. And your still-single friends start feeling neglected thinking that you are abandoning them and choosing new ‘cool’ friends. Little do they know that you are actually saving them from having to deal with what you and other co-parents have to go through – together.

I mean, really, would your single friends who are out and about, having finished 5 cocktails in a span of an hour, appreciate hearing about you scrubbing the bathroom floor because your middle child just vomited his dinner while your youngest is having a scream fest in the background? Would they understand why you promised to bake 50 cupcakes for an 8AM tea party at school when you have no idea how to bake but the ‘picture-perfect mom with the great hairdo’ was going to make you look bad again so you HAD TO offer to make cupcakes? And yes, black jogging pants and a giant shirt are acceptable smart casual wear now and “I shampooed 3-days ago” is normal.

So that, my friends, is where the Mom Squad comes in. They keep you sane. They understand you. They can share in your private diaper jokes. When your kid throws a tantrum in aisle 3 at the grocery store, they’ll stand there with you and continue chatting – they get it.

That’s not to say that you should abandon your poor little single friends who are probably out flirting with some good-looking lads at the newest wine bar in town as you read this while pumping breastmilk… sigh.

But you have to give props to the Mom Squad. So give them a little pick-me-up when you meet up for the next playdate. No words necessary. Well.. maybe a few. 🙂

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