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Top Five Gifts to Give Your Valentine

Scouring the Internet for Valentine’s Day gift idea has resulted to one very common item. To no surprise everything’s got something to do with Roses. Passionate Love, Enduring Love, Pure Love and many other color meanings must be taken into account if you want to get creative in giving your roses again.

Another bit of trivia though. Giving a dozen roses means that think of that person 12 months in a year. A complete cycle they say. But it will amuse you to know that giving two dozen roses means that you are thinking of her 24 hours a day! Take note of that while you are writing your greeting card.

Maybe you send her roses 10 times a year for no reason; maybe again you never have even tried since you find it as too standard a gift, specially come Valentine’s Day.  There are many other ways to make this seemingly outdated and outmoded token of affection into a really unforgettable present. Here are Five.

Let’s start off with two-dozen roses. But this time, use a combination of red and white. Besides it’s special meaning, it actually looks more full and lush when in a box or in a vase. No need for fillers in this case. Most delivery companies, or maybe just the really big ones offer additional gifts. The most suggested is the stuffed bear or the beating heart. Note that there are very new designs for these, which have made it, look very cool.  Bears can wear little t-shirts with a message printed on it. Hearts and other pillow type gifts can have messages stitched on them too.

Putting it bluntly, chocolates are sexy and they are aphrodisiacs. Take a dozen sheer white roses and combine it with a luscious box of chocolates. This will give it a visual splash since most chocolate boxes are dark in color. The white will contrast and just pop. Make her feel special with an out of the ordinary selection of confectionery. I love truffles, but the good ones tend to melt all too easily. The Belgians and the French make heavenly goodies and it would make good wisdom if you can afford these. If not, there are many other chocolate options out there, on the net, you can even find chocolate pens meant for application on your consorts as well as your bodies.

Make a bed of Roses and get a bunch of petals in a basket. Pampering is surely a welcome respite for womanhood and spas are quite their liking. There are pampering kits just for home use and the giver of the gift can even help in its application. The assortment of kits you can purchase range from facial, feet, hand and full body spas. The basket should be big enough to carry the box of any one of these.

Rose scented candles or themed candles give a great idea for setting the amorous mood. Partnered with long stem roses preferably fully arranged will certainly gain you a lighted pathway into your woman’s heart.

Jewelry is king, if you can afford it.  The high preferences these days are items made of silver.  Again on the net you can purchase or send Silver Heart pendants or even nifty paperweights for the professional chic. These come in formal boxes and packaging and can be partnered with the delivery of flowers.

All in all there are a thousand ideas that are in the marketplace and any of these can be a match for a bundle or two of roses. They are actually not excessively expensive since the improved technology, variety and most importantly the  global supply chain of these fresh flowers now gives any man instant access to them at the click of mouse.


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