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What to Include in your Maid of Honor Speech

Tradition holds that the Maid of Honor is always a treasured role in a wedding. It can be the sister, a cousin and often times it is the bosom friend of the bride. It is enough trouble to mother over the bride over the days leading to the wedding.  You can pick up after her, you can be the shoulder to cry on and more importantly you can be the rock she can lean on when stress falls upon her.

Public speaking in general is one of the greatest fears of man. But anyone can compose and deliver an excellent speech aided by the right tools. Knowing what to include in your speech is key to the composition but its delivery makes the prose into poetry.

The Maid’s speech has a different structure from the Best Man. His is often meant to roast or to humiliate before any praise is given. It is often a recollection of how he was chosen for the role and recounts the many adventures they had during a certain period in their life.

This speech mainly has to praise and put attention to the bride.  The choice of delivering it unrehearsed or read from a draft requires almost the same effort. But the chances of the former, becoming more prodigious than the latter is slim at most.

The prominent parts of the body of the speech generally covers the following items:

Time & Humor
A timeline of how long you have known the bride mixed with funny anecdotes during the shared time. Were you sorority sisters and the lollipop girls living next door? Were you part of a varsity or co-workers in some firm? Was she the doting or terrorizing sister but still wished to grow up to be just like? Hone on one and speak with a smile.

Small Imperfections
Try not to overshadow the ego of the men but do continue with the queer mannerism or habit that the bride has. Share a time when this caused an embarrassment to both of you or if she was reprimanded by an authority for such a feat. Then round it up with how the groom will now have to live with it for eternity and beyond.

The Match
Write about the time the bride was just entertaining this groom as a suitor. It’s sure to be a lively insight on first impressions and many awkward moments for the couple.

Round it up how people are so imperfect but as a couple sitting at the head of the table right seem so perfect for each other. The best man’s speech often forgets to praise the bride, pay him the favor of inclusion.

Ninety-nine percent of the time a family is sprung right after the union so say a prayer for hope, health and happiness and beseech God for these blessings while engaging on this new phase of life. You may choose not to go too heavy on this part if the couple or the families are not too religious.

 Then close the speech with your best advice or offer a piece of wisdom that has been seemingly passed on from generation to generation.

Now you have the proper parts in your speech, but never forget that proper gesturing or the use of your hands will compliment your delivery very well. Be eloquent, deep and sufficiently concise. Most importantly, do not forget to find your glass filled and offer a toast to the happy couple while mentioning their names. Cheers!


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