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Really, Thank You

Saying the words “thank you” is one of the first lessons a child must learn by example at home. Showing gratitude and making it a habit is a trait that can take one anywhere. Politicians, actors, and musicians say these words in every speech delivery possible. Why would they not when they will be nowhere close to where they are without their supporters and fans.

Pronouncing these two words does not have to be verbal all the time. A flower delivery accompanied by lavender tea bags in the afternoon is a good way to thank your editor for staying up all night, proofreading your manuscript to the last word. Kids show appreciation to their favorite teachers by giving them the juiciest and reddest apple, their mom’s infamous brownies, and drawings of their entire class by the school garden complete with multi-colored butterflies and doodled flowers. While they are crossing their fingers for monetary bonuses, staff members usually just get pizza and pasta from their bosses for bagging a new client.

It is especially beneficial to show gratitude in romantic relationships. The habit of frequently thanking your partner or as they say, being “romantically polite”, not only shows your appreciation but it also boosts his or her ego overtime. In addition, when you thank your partner for even the simplest gesture, the cheapest gift, or just for giving you a casual complement, it cues him that you liked what he just did or gave. This will definitely go down in this mental notebook as the things that please you and he in turn will do it more often.

Your options on how to say thank you, as a romantic partner is almost bottomless. Flowers and chocolates are and have always been good thank you tokens. Giving his dog a bath or bringing his car to the carwash is will guarantee a good karma. Handing the remote over during season finals and not talking during the game might sound silly but this will go a long way to some men.

Since gratitude is relative, saying or showing thank you can also be overdone. The key is to keep the delivery of your appreciation in the same or just a little over the gravity of the gift or gesture you have received. The only exception to this rule that I can think of would be saying thank you to your parents, your brother’s heart transplant donor, or the woman who gave you three beautiful children that you can just look at the whole day.


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