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The Changing Market Trends in the Philippine Flower Industry

The market for quality flowers in the Philippines is still in its infancy stage but is slowly coming to maturity.  Filipinos are starting be choosy when it comes to the flowers that they buy.  As the costs for indoor grown flowers (through greenhouses) are becoming cheaper, more and more Filipinos find that the slightly more expensive price is well worth it.

There is compelling evidence that green house grown flowers are healthier, and consumers are increasingly willing to pay more for top quality products that are beautiful but at the same time, not harmful to people and the environment. One of the advantages of greenhouse grown flowers is that it tends use up lesser chemicals, water and fertilizers.  The organic foods movement, for instance, took a while to leave the health food store, but now it is big business in western countries.  Once consumers became increasingly aware quality, they were willing to pay the price.

A more obvious advantage is the quality of the flowers themselves.  Because these flowers are grown indoors, they are free from pests and discoloration.  They produce vibrant colors and are very pleasing to the eye.  Until today, many Filipinos did not know where to buy greenhouse-grown flowers in the Philippines.  This is because a majority of florists in the Philippines still use outdoor-planted flowers.  However, there is an increasing awareness for good quality flowers.  This is the primary reason why many of the Philippines’ top florists are moving towards these types of flowers.

In addition to this, the Internet has given Filipinos more informed choices as to the available flowers in the Philippines.  As more and more florists go online, Filipinos are exposed to more choices when it comes to flowers.  This increasing awareness gives a chance for greenhouse flower growers to exhibit the differences and advantages of using their products.

Another factor is that Filipinos are increasingly being exposed to more modern economies who are particular about the quality of the flowers that they purchase.   Whether looking at consumer preferences online or physically being in another country, Filipinos are exposed to the quality conscious buying public in more advanced economies.  As a result, they demand the same from their local Philippine florist.  As the Filipino flower buyer becomes more critical, Philippine florists need to improve on their quality.

Lastly, the ability of the greenhouse growers to deliver flowers straight from the farm through an e-commerce website is forcing the Philippine flower retailers to shift to value added services.  Since the Internet has provided an avenue for growers to show off their products, Philippine florists have to offer better value if they want to compete.  Gone are the days when they can simply pass on products from farmers at a margin.  Today’s Philippine florists have to offer better arrangements, better prices, and more creative approaches to the market.


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