Associate Distributor

The Island Rose Associate Distributorship Program is the easiest way to earn income through Just place your chosen Island Rose banner in your own website and whenever your clients click through, it will link them to our site. Each customer that buys from Island Rose shall automatically entitle you to a 15% commission from the product purchased. All profits or payouts will be batched and prepared ready for pick-up upon reaching a minimum payout balance.

Your customers will have access to our excellent support, services and state of the art e-commerce capabilities.

General Instructions:

1. Login your interest to become our distributor through our website. You can register through this link Once you agree to the Terms And Conditions stated therein, you will receive an email in response to your application. To respond to your inquiry and activate your account, reply to our e-mail stating your Site Name and URL, where you shall be placing our banners.

2. We shall review your site and inform you through e-mail if your application has been approved.

3. Upon approval, we shall send you an email containing your Associate Link that you can use in your site.

Terms and Conditions:

1. An affiliate/affiliate company is only allowed to use one type of distributorship program. False treatment of this condition shall lead to the cancellation of your distributorship with Island Rose.

2. This program is open to Philippine-based firms with a working website pending for evaluation and approval by Island Rose. Please note that qualification is in the sole discretion of Island Rose officers and staff. Firms with illegal, distasteful and pornographic content as well as non-corporate web sites are not likely to qualify.

3. Foreign-based web sites may join as long as they have a Philippine representative to collect commissions due. US-based sites may arrange direct remittance of commissions on a case-to-case basis.

4. We shall be needing your Associate code, Contact Name, Email, Phone, Address, City, State / Province, Zip Code and Country so please have them ready to facilitate the form to be filled up.

5. Choose from Island Rose banners that you can place in your site to link your clients to our website. The pictures and text found in our site are exclusively for Island Rose use only. Kindly limit your choices to the banners provided unless special arrangements are made with Island Rose management.

6. Commissions are 15% of the total purchase price.

7. A minimum of $25 in the commissions or payouts must be due before a check is released. Commissions will be withheld until minimum amount is met. Payout records are for information purposes only and are subject to final approval and confirmation by the management.

8. Payouts will be batched on a monthly basis. Payout checks will be released every 15th of the following month using the average peso exchange rate for the previous month determined by Island Rose.

9. Our software tracks all orders coming from your site and automatically computes your commissions. It is the duty of the distributors to periodically check if their links are working well. Island Rose will not be responsible for any software malfunction.

10. Our system generates account statements that log purchase details. Distributors may request this on a monthly basis. The statement will include purchase amounts and time of purchase but will not include personal details about the purchaser.

11. Island Rose reserves the right to unconditionally discontinue links and agreements with any distributor.

I have read and agreed to the terms and conditions set by Island Rose.

Yes, I Agree.

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