Affiliate Program

Having an Island Rose brand with one of your products definitely adds attraction to your buyers that will be beneficial to your business. Earn revenues without worrying about inventory, spoilage and logistics at affordable prices. Business can never be this easy!

  1. Associate Distributor

  2. The Island Rose Associate Distributorship Program is the easiest way to earn income through Just place your chosen Island Rose banner in your own website and whenever your clients click through, it will link them to our site. Each customer that buys from Island Rose shall automatically entitle you to a 15% commission from the product purchased. All profits or payouts will be batched and prepared ready for pick-up upon reaching a minimum payout balance.

    Your customers will have access to our excellent support, services and state of the art e-commerce capabilities.

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  3. Direct Distributor

  4. The Island Rose Direct Distributorship Program gives businesses the chance to offer Island Rose products to their clients with the original Island Rose packaging materials to ensure that high quality products are being delivered. Whatever marketing channel you have, you may market Island Rose products alone or together with your other items to enhance your product line. You can showcase the products to your clients through our Island Rose catalogue. This catalogue includes ready-print downloadable pictures, list of delivery areas and packaging details. To download this catalogue, click here. Simply collect orders and input them in the Island Rose website.

    As you log in, your price will be automatically discounted by 15%. You will pay through your own credit card using the convenience of’s superior payment facility. Once you create an account with us, you are automatically a member of the Island Rose Rewards Club. As a member, you get to earn points each time you place an order. So the more orders you place, the more points and discounts you get.

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  5. Corporate Distributor

  6. The Island Rose Corporate Distributorship Program is meant for high volume sellers with their own payment gateway facilities. Through this program, you can sell Island Rose flowers online and we shall work in the background as your supplier. Island Rose shall provide you pictures and other website materials that you shall put in your site. We will take care of the assembly and delivery of the order. All orders shall be packed and shipped using original Island Rose materials. Your orders will be batched and billed to you every 15 days. Distributors under this program are subject for evaluation and negotiation so contact us today!

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  7. Wholesale Clients

  8. If you want to operate your own on-line or physical flower shop, then Island Rose is the best choice. With almost 20 years experience in supplying and supporting flowers shops, hotels, restaurants and event coordinators you simply can't go wrong with Island Rose. Choose from our wide variety of world-class wholesale products and watch your business grow.

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