Greenhouse Technology: PCFC's Leading Edge

The PCFC rose farm is strategically located in Tagaytay. In spite of our sub-tropical climate that does not provide the ideal environment for roses, the cool weather in Tagaytay has been favorable to growing roses. It is now home of the first large-scale cutflower farm specializing in roses. The farm blended well the use of imported greenhouse technology with our Filipino ingenuity. Performance has met the standards of the export market and the acceptance of a growing domestic market.


Island Rose uses the latest technology in rose cultivation.

The use of greenhouses in local rose farming was a distinction earned by PCFC and an innovation from the open-field farms that most cutflower production has been designed after. It enabled PCFC to pioneer the commercial production of European roses and introduce a variety of colors to the local market. A post-harvest facility completes the design to assure that only the best quality product reaches the market. The advantages from this technology are many:

  • controlled temperature and humidity that prevent pests and diseases
  • standards are followed with more consistency
  • varieties achieve their maximum potential in terms of bud size, color and other physical attributes
  • sizes vary from short to very long stems (reaching up to a meter in length) and production may be programmed depending on buyers' demand
  • less thorns that makes handling easier
  • clean petals and leaves, again for easier handling
  • good vase life so consumers can enjoy the flowers longer
  • reliable supply
  • roses are available all-year-round

The Island Rose is the brand that represents our success in growing European roses under local conditions.